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Car hire in Cancun

Car hire in Cancun

Mexico is a great place to indulge in a car rental as you will be overloaded with choices in regards to natural attractions, iconic landmarks, exciting activities and romantic hideouts. The local Sixt office is located at the airport, meaning you can fly and drive into the stunning country that is Mexico. Off road vehicles are available, allowing you to explore some country terrain and by utilising unlimited mileage, you will be able to drive until you get lost. However if you are likely to miss the home comforts of your hotel, you can always request satellite navigation to ensure you find your way back to your base. Your car hire in this part of Mexico can be tailored to suit your personal desires and as well as being able to include additional drivers on your rental agreement, you can request LDW insurance too. The local office is open until 11pm every day, including bank holidays.
Cancun and its most exciting roads of adventure

Cancun and its most exciting roads of adventure

This wonderful city offers some of the most iconic sights in Mexico and the world, so be sure to carry a camera. Car rental will be your gateway to many of these fabulous attractions, saving you money on using public transport. More than a millennium ago, Mexico was inhabited by the Maya people and one of the most outstanding creations they left behind was Chichen Itza. This stunning sight is well worth driving to and the Underwater Museum will also give you an insight into this country's heritage. If you wish to really treat your eyes to some local scenery, visit the underwater caves of Sistema Dos Ojos, the Belize Barrier Reef or the Ik Kill cenote, a natural feat of immense beauty.
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Good to know when renting in Cancun
What's the minimum age to rent a car in Cancun?
To rent a car with SIXT in Cancun you need to be at least 21 with a valid license. Some car categories have a higher minimum rental age, and an underage driver fee may apply.
Can I modify, extend, or cancel my reservation?
At SIXT you can either pay online or when you pick up your car at Cancun.
Can I choose a different drop-off location in Cancun?
It is possible to rent a car one way between stations for pick-ups in Cancun. A fee may apply.
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Customer reviews & feedback

Katherine W.
First let me begin by saying I am a seasoned renter of cars in Cancun, and I will continue to be. Until I found Sixt, I DREADED renting. Every place it's the same thing. Get a quote, arrive for your car, and get hit with ridiculous additions for the cost of third party insurance (which is mandatory in the state). I know that if you can prove that you have full coverage with your credit card then you can be exempt from this BUT... you need a letter in your name, from the credit card company, confirming this coverage. Bringing the card evidence of insurance form and showing the actual card you're using, is often refused. Even when you can manage to get them to accept the coverage with the card (with the letter) they come up with other bogus costs. I've had "licensing fee", "state travel fee", and just plain old "mandatory fee". The issue is that they always seem to have some random and vague clause that supports this bogus fee and you end up paying it, just to get out of the place. This whole process can take over two hours. Some places are so dishonest (Hertz) that they simply make up charges that you only discover once you get back and pay the bill, when suddenly, the cost has ballooned from the $400 for two weeks they promised when you signed, to $1100!! They are so very slick that you willingly sign while they're telling you there are no other charges. Enter SIXT. I booked on their website - - and got the car I wanted for a very reasonable price, and with the third party insurance included. When I arrived, there was no haggling or pressure. They asked if I wanted other coverage, I said no, they said okay! The car was a little worn but it worked great, they marked down all the little dents or scratches and they sent me on my way. It was an absolute dream. I'm SO mad I've spent all these years dealing with other agencies hoping that someone would be honest. Hopefully I can help direct people their way. Your vacation will start and end so much better.
Vernon A.
We rented for a week and we're very satisfied with the quality of the car, the bill was exactly what was in the contract with no add ONS either at checkout or check-in. There was a modest wait for the shuttle from the airport but the check-in and check-out were efficient. The review of minor blemishes was thorough at check-in and was no problem at checkout. I will rent with Sixt on my next trip to Cancun.
Luis Q.
5 stars because they will not force you purchase the collision damage waiver in order to be able to rent the vehicle. My own credit card already covers the rental vehicle. Their reasonable rates already include limited third-party liability. We found a Sixt Agent upon exiting the airport but they will contact you first via WhatsApp so that you can tell them when to pick you up. Just so you know, there’s construction right outside their location so allow yourself sufficient time when returning the vehicle. Customer service was fast and courteous. Last but not least, spend at least 5 minutes to take a video of the entire vehicle 🚗, and make sure the spare tire is there. No rental car companies accept debit cards, by the way.
Sander Z.
Great experience with Sixt Cancun! They clearly explain the various insurance options but they are totally fine if you choose not to take them. Not pushy at all. My car was very new (and most cars looked like that). I had a flat tire and feared the worst but all of this was handled solution-driven even using whatsapp... which of course is more efficient then long calls. Finally they speak English very well.
Shyama A.
Great deal. Friendly and efficient staff. Free transfers to and from the airport.
Rhita A.
Very efficient and good client service. Isabella was super helpful and kind. No wait for the complimentary shuttle and fast service. Also, no additional fees and they do not push for any additional insurances if you have it already. We will definitely rent a car from them again.
Classified I.
I had a good experience with this location. They have a shuttle bus that picks you up from the airport and brings your straight to them. They also sent me a message through WhatsApp not long after I arrived to Cancun. We communicated through WhatsApp while I was in Mexico. They also speak English which is very helpful to those who don't speak Spanish.
Got a good rate, almost new car, easy to decline any additional optional charges such as insurance. The location is farther from the terminal than other companies, but it doesn't really matter, as you have to go that direction anyway to get anywhere, so I actually preferred sitting in traffic in the shuttle than driving myself. Plan for some extra time when you return, between waiting for the shuttle and the construction traffic. Happy customer, will rent there again.
Julio O.
Excellent professional and friendly service by Lic. Leonardo and his team. I rented twice during my stay in Cancun. Cars very clean & new.
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