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* The prices were calculated on 29.05.2023 for a 4 days prepaid rental at Singapore Changi Airport starting on 05.06.2023. Our prices fluctuate daily and this offer is not guaranteed.

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A simple way to use a car hire in Singapore

A simple way to use a car hire in Singapore

You can enjoy an inexpensive holiday by using a car rental in Singapore with Sixt. Choose from a wide range of car models, from a small economy car to a large family SUV. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and convertible models are some of the cars available. Sixt car rental in Singapore deals also include theft protection, collision damage waiver, road tax and premium location fee among other car hire services.Book your car rental in Singapore online and enjoy available discounts. Sixt offers reliable car hire in Singapore with unlimited mileage and add-ons to fit your needs. Ask for a child seat or GPS to be fitted in your rented car. Booking with the Sixt express card enables you get a car without delay from participating branches.
Driving and traffic rules in Singapore

Driving and traffic rules in Singapore

Visitors must possess a valid foreign licence and International Driving Permit issued by an authorised body in their country of origin.
- The Driver Improvement Points System is used to deter drivers that infringe the rules of the road. Using this system, traffic offenders are meant to retest and pass the driving test.
- Singapore has implemented an Electronic Road Pricing scheme to deter traffic congestion during certain hours.
- Drinking or using a mobile phone is strictly prohibited.
- Driving is on the left side of the road.
- You must be at least 17 years old to qualify for a driving licence in Singapore.
- Seat belts and child seats are mandatory.
When booking with Sixt car hire, ask for a copy of traffic rules or visit the Singapore police website.
Tourist attractions in Singapore and car rental benefits

Tourist attractions in Singapore and car rental benefits

With a long list of must-see attractions, car hire is one of the best ways to see most of these sites. Start by enjoying a scenic view of the city on the Singapore Flyer. Visit the Marine Life Park and be inspired by the myriad marine wonders. Drive to Sentosa Island and explore the beaches. Universal Studios Singapore is another attraction worth visiting. Take a Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure gliding on a segway. Enjoy an amazing world of Chinese folklore, legends and history at Haw Par Villa. Sixt car hire staffs are friendly and can assist you on where to go. Visit the Sixt car rental website for more information.
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Good to know when renting in Singapore

Payment methods

We require a major credit card like Visa, Mastercard or American Express to rent a car in Singapore. The card must be in the renter’s name.

Driving tips in Singapore

Cars drive on the left side of the road in Singapore, a leftover from when it was ruled by the UK. It is also illegal to turn left or right on a red light.

Documents you need to rent a car in Singapore

In addition to a valid driver’s license held for 2 years, you need to present a passport. Foreign renters should present an International Driving Permit, especially if their license is not in English or in a non-Roman alphabet.

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